The Facebook Effect on lives

Recently, I found some video posted by a famous viral videos channel portraying the image of our country in a bad manner. I found it offensive. Below is what, I have written to Facebook.

I think Facebook should be responsible for what kind of message is being spread by video/ audio or any Media content shared on their site. The videos might not be offensive in any manner. But it might malign the image of some personalities.

The people do not verify content shared on the social media. They blindly believe it. So, anything viral on social media about a personality or religion, which may not be true, can make people believe it. Facebook needs to understand, the content shared on social media has far larger impact on the people and effectively on politics of the country. The false propaganda should be stopped.

I understand freedom of expressing is one of the core principles of facebook. But every freedom with no boundaries is harmful. The content needs to be monitored. Ensuring it doesn’t have any political/ religious propaganda.

What can we do?

Be It is Facebook or Whatsapp, we need to educate people in the country, how to use it. People are becoming lazy and the political, religious party take advantage of that. A simple Whatsapp forward message, bombarded 10 times a day can brainwash a voter. Because we as people do not have habit question. The Indian education system has molded the citizens in that way. From childhood, the students who questions are shut down the teachers. The kids should be encouraged to question.

The learning process shouldn’t be ‘mug up and believe it’. It should be read, understand, verify and then believe it. This culture would them make question every single thing that is presented to them. The current generation(not all of it) is making judgments based on posts they see on social media. It is our responsibility to make them aware of facts, make them question things. Else, the propagandists will win. And, our country would be again in descend.

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