The alone and the vulnerable

Alone and vulnerable might be two scariest emotional states to be in. The combination of both is deadly. An alone person in good mind space can survive. A vulnerable person with support system of good friends or family will manage to get over the state. But what happens when we are both vulnerable and lonely.

The world is like manual controlled console game where everyone is trying to survive(save their own a**), then they would think about others. In this competitive world, it is easy to be left alone, hapless. You would feel that no one needs you. Even, if you need someone to talk to, no one would be there for you. It would be like hitting your low.

So what do we do in such situations? Either we crib about it to ourselves or we try to beg someone’s attention, who aren’t even interested in listening to you. That makes life miserable.

But, there is one more way to deal with this. That is being your own support system. No one can understand you better than yourself. Then you learn to keep your problems with you. You learn to live alone. You stop giving f**k about other people. The people would come back to you if you are important to them, else we should be happy being ourselves. This would certainly make us a stronger and independent person.

So alone and vulnerable but, Strong as hell. No one could break you.

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