Nehrajis’ Retirement

Well, I guess, I would be one of those people who would never forget Ashish Nehra’s 6/23 vs England in World cup 2003. I had my class X board exams on. Next day paper was ‘History’.
Unlike my classmates who were studying, I was watching the match whole night shamelessly. 😂😂

I mean who would forget Nick Knight’s run out by Mohammad Kaif and Nehraji eating bananas on the field, just to puke them out later.

P.S. :
I don’t blame him for my below than expected performance in History paper. I wasn’t just brave enough to go beyond ‘Quit India’ movement for whole year.
Nope, don’t judge me there and call me a ‘Sanghi’. We weren’t taught what that is at the school.

#worldcupthatchangedlives #nostalgia

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